Terms of Services

Here at ChmuraNet, the terms of use are rather simple. Matter of fact, there is but a single important term of use: Don't Be An Asshole

Examples of being an asshole:

  • Using your network access to send spam.
  • Excessive use of Publics
  • Mining from your Server
  • Commerce around, or Reselling your Service
  • Taking advantage of the anonymity offered here to espouse extremist opinions or to be abusive to other folks.
  • Using this service as a platform for network attacks.
  • Dealing in any way with child pornography.

At some point, you may say to yourself, “I wonder if those guys would think that doing this would make me an asshole.” Let that be the first clue, just don’t do it, use your common sense.

If we determine, that in our judgment, you have taken advantage of our tolerant and good nature by being a significant asshole - we will, that very day, without warning, terminate your account, without refund or recourse. Appreciate you understanding this.

Beyond that it is all boilerplate, we don’t guarantee the suitability of the service to any particular task. We reserve the right to upgrade, downgrade or make changes to both the service and these terms. And so on... you get the idea.

The Refund Policy

Our rather liberal and unique refund policy, our "No Risk, Ever" policy

If for any reason you are unhappy with your server, and given the opportunity, we are unable to fix it - you will receive a full refund. Full refund is that month's renewal (we presume you wouldn't have renewed if unhappy). This is for your first month, or 3 years of months in, say month #40, it matters not.

If the problem isn't that you are unhappy, but want to leave service, a pro-rated refund is a possibility. For example, you are going on holiday for several months, your employment situation has suddenly changed, or your mate has discovered the quality and/or quantity of your media - we are open to discussing getting you a partial refund. The maximum pro-rated refund is the month minus one week of service. Again, reasonable adult human sorta things.

No real small print here, other than common sense. For example if you prepay for a year, and suddenly in month five, your ISP is sold to Comcast and your speeds home drop to a dribble, you'd be looking at a refund for that month and the rest of the year, not the preceding first four months.

Additionally, if in our judgement you aren't really meant for Chmura, you might receive a refund anyways. For example, you have a proclivity for unoriginal abusive profanity; you're making the service untenable for your neighbors by running 100 to 1 ratio on public trackers or running a hive by subleasing your server to a bunch of others; if you are just trying to rule hack our refund policy; or even we just get a sense that you are unlikely to ever be happy with the service - you maybe surprised by receiving a unwanted and inconvenient refund.

As always we reserve the right to apply what we think is our rather sensible and practical Terms Of Service, found above

Again, your satisfaction with our service as a member is goal one, we hope this policy is a concrete example of that desire.