Privacy Policy

One of ChmuraNet’s prime purposes is to offer users privacy and anonymity on the internet, for that reason privacy is core to who we are, and what we do. If we fail to protect your privacy, the entire service fails.

We do not voluntarily provide any of the data we collect to anyone. We will, if legally compelled, reveal the details we have, Those details that are requested, no more, no less.

The Data We Collect

We collect and retain data that is required to provide you the quality service that you as a member should receive, that is it. This is essentially the information you provide when you sign up, and any of the communications we deem necessary to assist you with the service, for example, trouble tickets and e-mails from you concerning the service. That data is retained only as long as necessary, you leave, all data is purged. No usage or access logs are retained at all.

It is then important for you be wholly aware of the information you provide us, we don’t know anything you don’t tell us.

Your Own Privacy

The best way to look at this is that ChmuraNet is a property management company, the properties are the virtual private servers we rent to members. We collect the rent, and maintain the property. Renting a server from us is like renting an apartment, what happens behind the closed door of your apartment is your business, and the only time we see behind that door is when you invite us in to do maintenance, when we clean up after you move out – or, in extreme cases, when we have to deal with complaints. We do not monitor what goes in and out of the door of your apartment.

When providing support or conducting maintenance, which will inevitably happen, we are only focused on the purpose we are there for, and will get in and out as quickly as possible.

Here at ChmuraNet, your server is your space, and we respect both that space and you as a customer. Any questions can be addressed to