We offer multiple paths to your box:

A Landing page which links to Webmin, RUTorrent, Ajaxplorer, and your home directory via HTTP.

Webmin is a server control panel.
Ajaxplorer is a file explorer application.

FTP: ftp, sftp, and ftps are all available (and we can enable fxp for you)

SSH & VNC: For both Shell and GUI Access.

To reach your landing page, you use your personalized URL:


All of this is documented in your welcoming e-mail.
We think that is the sweet spot for seedboxes, optimal.

There are two primary factors in seedboxes: disk I/O and network I/O. CPU and memory are secondary.

By giving you your own hard disk, and limiting the number of users to the number of disks we can fit in a 2U server, we slice in at an ideal performance to price level.

Also by offering a premium service we don't encounter as many "Hit & Run Abusers", spammers and others looking for a cheap platform from which to do their nefarious deeds. This reduces the chances of slow downs, crashes - and general hassles for everyone.

Update: On a few of our machines we are offering 4TB (2x2TB) slots, these are only occasionally available, for slightly more than the disk costs.
Best Answer, FTP; we support all flavors: FTP, SFTP, and FTPS. Using a client like FileZilla or CuteFTP you can connect to your server and queue up the files you want to move to your home machine . Since most FTP clients handle multi-threaded transfers, you'll find this to be the quickest way to move data between your server and you, or vice versa.

You can also use HTTP, either from your landing page, or from Ajaxplorer.

We also have installed the FileManager plugin for RUTorrent.

If you need help setting up your FTP Client, visit the forums for detailed instructions.
The best way is to open a ticket, it allows both us and you to track and record progress.

But since support is very important to us, we provide several ways to engage us for support ( most lead to ticket generation ):

A trouble ticket system at HTTPS://ChmuraNet.com/Ticket

IRC support at irc.chmuranet.com - channel: #support (#main for more casual questions)

Google Chat at Service@Chmuranet.com

E-Mail at Support@Chmuranet.com

You can also use the forum or check out this FAQ for general questions.
Beyond the physical limitations of the service, 1Gbit pipe, 2TB drive, and CPU & Memory, we have no limitations. We don't shape traffic or have quotas.

Traffic: Unlimited

We have no limitations on who, or how many users / user accounts use your account.

Users: Unlimited

We give you full root / superuser access to you machine, you are welcome to install whatever software you choose, Media Streamers, IRC & IRC Bots, Web Servers, and any other software - We'll often even assist you in installing it. We don't have an approved software list.

Protocol: Unlimited
Software: Unlimited

We respect your privacy & your right to be anonymous, we do not monitor traffic in or out. There are things we do not tolerate, Child Pornography, Spamming or abusive behavior, see our liberal and singular Terms of Service - beyond those you are free and clear.

Content: Almost Unlimited

We just ask is that you be considerate of your fellow members and fellow netizens. Keep your house in order.
No, we send you a bill five days before your renewal date. If you have not paid it by a couple days after your renewal date, we presume you are not renewing, and will shut down your machine.

We will scrub the machine about a week after that.

If you prefer a subscription, or to change your renewal date, contact us, we are flexible.

Discounts are available if you choose to pay multiple months ahead of time.
You have complete access to your server, you can install and run any client you wish. We support RUTorrent & Deluge, but are willing to assist with other clients.

UTorrent is not an option, it runs only under windows, and we run Linux.

We strongly recommend running RUTorrent, the service is tuned for extreme RUTorrent performance, we have our own compiled & tweaked version.

We like Deluge's thin client architecture, but it is not as tunable or as flexible as RUTorrent. It also is not as fast or as lightweight as RUTorrent.
Regretfully, we currently do not. We shoot for 16-18 hours a day.
We take support very seriously. And have gone to extreme lengths to provide you with the best possible support with quickest possible response time.
Open a Ticket. We welcome any way in which we can make the service better, and unique.

We will evaluate your request or suggestion and get back to you, either way.
The default is 1280x1024, 24bits - but if you need higher rez talk to us, we can handle higher resolution.
We store no passwords, server assignments, e-mail or account information on any of the accessible servers.

We never have had, nor will have card card or payment information on public facing machines. We take the details you provide us as a serious trust.

We recommend that when posting on the forum, do not directly reference hostname, username or passwords.
There is an Add-On to Firefox that will automatically add torrents to either RUTorrent or Deluge: One also exists for Chome.


Chrome is::


Both of these need to be configured for your server, but handle adding torrents to either client automatically for you.
We are more than glad to help you move in, this includes moving files from your old server.

To accomplish this we recommend using Filezilla FTP executed from VNC. This probably the easiest way, you can request it, and we'll install filezilla for you.

The fastest method is probably segmented downloading using lftp from the ubuntu command line

Historically we used to recommend recursive wget.

This would look like:

wget -r -nH -nc "ftp://OldServerUsername:Password@Node.OldServer.com/directory"

( wget -r -nH -nc "ftp://mickeymouse:LuvMinnie@MouseServer.WeSeed.net/Downloads )

This will duplicate the structure of your old directories from your old servers Downloads directory, to Downloads locally.

Moving files is time consuming, so we recommend that you only bring what you must.
We also accept Bitcoin. If you have a problem with either of those and would like us to take your money in some other fashion, we are of course open to listening, please write Service@Chmuranet.com.

Paypal does allow you to pay without logging in or having an account, by credit or debit/gift card.

We currently do not have the hardware to do backups, and our hardware currently does not accommodate doubling up on Disks for RAID.

At some point in the future we will probably start using a SAN via Fibre Channel, but at this time we would prefer to spend money on expanding capacity.
It is your server, if you want to add logins for either the machine or ftp access you can (see the FAQ entry on unlimited).

Be aware our Virtual Private Servers are optimized to run a single large instance of RUTorrent, you will probably run into problems running multiple instances. We of course encourage them to get their own server.

We have configured FTP to use the Linux User IDs, to add an FTP account just add a new linux user ( In the GUI via VNC: Applications->System->Users and Groups, from SSH: use useradd )

We do not support the muli-user aspects of a configuration, such as quotas, multiple torrent server instances, or individualized billing. We can point you in the right direction.
VNC is a remote desktop viewer, it allows you to login to your server and work with your server's GUI XUbuntu desktop.

You'll need a VNC client, we recommend TightVNC ( http://www.tightvnc.com/download.php ), and the connection password that was in your welcoming e-mail.

Just enter your hostname, you'll be prompted for the connection password, once entered you'll see your server login page, just use the same credentials you use for FTP.

XUbuntu uses the XFce lightweight GUI, and should be familiar to anyone who has used the Windows Desktop. An introduction can be found at: http://desktoplinuxreviews.com/2010/05/10/xubuntu-linux-10-04/
If you wish to remain anonymous when paying, it requires some discipline, you need to purchase a Visa gift card from a supermarket or drug store. They come in common denominations.

Then using a proxy server, or using Tor, activate the card. Do not use your real name or address.

Still using the proxy, sign-up for an e-mail address; we recommend HushMail.com, but any of them will do. Have a look at: http://www.prxbx.com/email/ for some more options. You will use this e-mail.

Staying with the proxy, sign-up for the service, push the Paypal 'Buy Now' button.

Once at Paypal, click the link "Don't have a Paypal Account", from there you will be able to use your gift card to pay for the service.

The key here is to not expose your IP address, or use any personal details at any point in the process.
You can install any RUTorrent plug-in you wish, and we can assist with that.

If you don't find the plug-in you need or want, and feel it should be added to the list below for everyone, we are very open to listening, just open a ticket and point us at the plug-in.

By default we've installed a very wide selection:

X2Go creates a fast and secure remote Linux Desktop, using SSH, on either Windows or Mac; what’s not to love?

Download the client-side application to install on your Windows/Mac OS here: http://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/start

Either submit a ticket, and we’ll install the server software on Chmura-side, or for self-service see this post in our forums: http://www.chmuranet.com/forum/index.php?p=/discussion/1223/x2go-light-weight-remote-desktop-utility
We didn't coin the phrase, semi-dedicated means that some of the resources you use are dedicated to just your virtual server, and some resources are shared.

We run virtual servers, each virtual server has a 2TB hard disk and a slice of the memory and CPU is reserved just for you ( additional CPU & Memory resources are pulled from a shared pool ). Each machine has a dedicated 1Gbit/s pipe which you share with the other VMs.

All of our Machines are 2U multi-CPU servers, and the limiting factor is the number of drives that can be fit into the machine. With 2U this ranges between 6 and 12 ( most are 9 drives, 1 system drive and 8 user drives, 1 of which we reserve for templating). We decided to limit the number of virtual servers to 7, even though some machines could utilize more, to create what we believe to be optimal distribution of resources.
At Chmura, if you want to change all of your passwords so that only you have the keys to your server, effectively locking us out, that’s fine with us. There’s only one door, and its all yours.

Please note that locking out the tech staff is not necessarily the fastest way to receive support. If we cant get into your server, well, then we really can’t get into your server, even if you ask us to, without ‘forcing the lock,’ and no one wants that. So, please, if you want to be able to just drop us a ticket so that we can install/tweak for you while you’re not around, keep us up to date on your password changes, or at least give us the relevant new ones when making service requests. We promise that we take your privacy and security as seriously as you do. Seriously.

That being said, you actually have four passwords, your user account password, your apache/web password. connection password to VNC, and your subsonic password.

Three of these when your server is first created are the same, but changing one doesn't change the other.

To change them, from ssh/putty or terminal/vnc:

Your Linux or account password is used for logging in via ssh, via ftp, via X2Go, or to your account once you are connected to VNC. It is easy to change, just execute the 'passwd' command. enter your old password, then your new one (twice).

All of our Linux accounts have sudo capability, there is not a separate root password. And for security reasons, recommend against putting a password on root.

Web/Apache password, there are controlled by apache and encrypted in a separate file. Execute this command:

sudo htdigest -c /etc/apache2/passwords [DOMAIN] [username]

then enter your new password.

This is also (without the create option, -c ) add another web user

sudo htdigest /etc/apache2/passwords [DOMAIN] [username]

The Domain is either "gods" or "Welcome" depending on the version of your template, you'll see the domain when trying to login.

VNC connection password, to prevent people from just connecting to VNC and watching what is happening on the shared console, we put a password on just connecting to your server. If no one is there, you'd need the additional login password.

To change this:

sudo x11vnc -storepasswd /etc/x11vnc.pass

and you'll be prompted to enter the new password.

Finally there is the subsonic password, which you change under subsonic, in settings->users

Your user password, and the password to the admin account are the same

Any issues don't hesitate to ask.
Regretfully RTorrent has a tendency to crash, mostly caused by a time-out in the communication channel between rutorrent and rtorrent.

Restarting rtorrent takes a bit of tech, if you are not comfortable at the command line, you can always open a ticket and will will sort it out for you.

So to restart, from a terminal window ( gui: VNC/x2g0, right-click on desktop and "open terminal here"; or use a shell client: putty/xshell, etc... ):

Short method, works most times:

sudo /etc/init.d/rtorrent restart

Long Method, Almost never fails:

sudo /etc/init.d/rtorrent stop

ps -edf |grep rtorrent

rtorrent should not be running if it is, it is hung, you need to kill it, for example, it is running if you see:

owner 1360 1336 1 Jun12 pts/1 03:12:34 rtorrent

You need to kill it

kill -9 1360

Then start rtorrent:

sudo /etc/init.d/rtorrent start

If this should fail, try this:

sudo reboot

Or you could just open a ticket and we'll take care of it, it is what we are here for.
We pride ourselves in offering complete end-to-end support for every aspect of your server: from hardware, to network, to operating system, then finally to installed ​software. If you have an issue arise, or there is a particular package you'd like to add to your server, we'll be more than glad to assist. We often have versions of popular packages that are custom compiled or configured for our, your, server.

There is one area of additional server configuration that we do not support: multiple users. This includes user accounts, torrent client configuration, or such things as disk quotas. This is a fairness issue. All servers are resource bound; putting more than one user on a VPS would disproportionately consume those limited resources for members who are not running a hive of piggy backers.

Beyond that, you'll find that we are dedicated to making this service work for you. Our members are priority #1. We hope you'll find this to be the case.
Each server is a virtual machine running Linux, we have spent many hours tweaking and tuning the template we use to offer the best possible performance.

We have done this at three different levels: the VM level, Linux level, and the Application level.

1. At the VM Level, we are running VMWare ESXi, and each virtual machine has been crafted for hard disk and network performance. This includes the latest drivers, alignment of the filesystem, and tuning of the memory allocation and cacheing.

2. At the Linux level, we have disabled all unnecessary disk activity, and heavily tuned both the TCP/IP stack and Virtual Memory kernel parameters. For example we run XUbuntu 10.04 LTS, because it is the most nimble version of Ubuntu, but we back ported 10.10 kernel to address both TCP/IP stack issues, and improved memory management.

We also did kernel memory set-asides to insure you don't have memory exhaustion errors, and changed the Swap settings to reduce the hard disk hits inherent in swapping.

3. At the Application level, we modified RTorrent for best connection semantics and memory utilization. For example, the standard RTorrent build keeps idle connections open for about four minutes, we've reduced that to a minute. This allows you to leave fewer resources in an idle state, and increases the number of active connections - better thru-put.

We have also changed the default Apache web server resource set-aside and increased the amount of memory available to PHP.

All of these have been balanced against each other for overall effect of excellent performance.

Beyond this, each machine was built by us, your machine is not a generic white box provided by the data center - we co-locate custom built servers, which allows us significantly more control of both the hardware and software.
Agreed. The Madsonic fork of the the trusty Subsonic player has made a few UI enhancements, most notably adding an option for draggable borders, making sidebars and players re-sizeable, and additionally making allowances for forced video aspect ratios. Finally.

Installation is pie. Or cake. And/or ice-cream, even.

(Reprinted from Deep within the Forums)

Ok, first enter superuser

sudo -s

Next disable and stop subsonic

/etc/init.d/subsonic stop
update-rc.d subsonic disable

remove the old java

apt-get remove openjdk-6-jre
apt-get autoremove

Install new java

add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
apt-get update
apt-get install oracle-java8-installer

Now install Madsonic

dpkg -i 20141017_madsonic-5.1.5200.deb

That should do it

to kill your superuser (root) access and return to user, type:


You will need to go to subsonic from your landing page, and re-instate the settings, your user ID, and the default directory
( Downloads & /home/owner/Downloads )
Groove was the default theme we had been using.
If we've done something, or failed to do something, and we’ve upset you, please know that isn't our intent. The best thing to do is either open a ticket, or write us an e-mail at: Service@ChmuraNet.com and state your case. Do try to withhold the profanity and name calling, please. You can just tell us you are really pissed off.

If our mistake is egregious enough, or we feel there is nothing we can do to resolve that problem in a timely fashion, we will consider, on a case by case basis, issuing a refund.

We are reasonable folks, and your satisfaction is important to us. Two things: we are far more likely to offer you free days ( push out your renewal date ) than a refund, and if you feel compelled to be abusive, you will be undermining our sympathy for your situation, or our shame in screwing up. So take a breath, and try to explain how we can help you solve the problem.
Best answer, is It Depends We throttle nothing, we limit nothing. And we have tuned and built the service for speed. We don't shape traffic.

The machine that holds your server has a dedicated 1G line and a maximum of 7 hard drives, with one user per hard drive. Many servers are not fully subscribed or have fewer than the maximum hard disks (ask, we'll tell you the name of your machine, the number of disks it has, and the current number of members using it).

By keeping a one to one ratio between disks and users, disk I/O is not a bottleneck.

This means your speed is mostly dependent on how busy that machine is, how many users are doing what on the 1Gbps line you share, and on the traffic you are wrangling (where is it coming from, how many users, how big a pipe they have).

A realistic speed on a 1Gbit line on one of our whole machines is about 67MB to 73MB per second, it is faster when it is local and not written to disk. But 70, plus or minus three, is a realistic figure.

Think of it as the autobahn, how fast your car can go is the only real hard limit, but most often your speed is limited by the traffic and the road conditions, how many lanes, is it dark out, wet, etc.

The best you generally can regularly expect on your server is between 15MB/s and 25 MB/s, but you will probably from time to time see peaks much higher than that, maybe as much as 60MB/s.

A good speed test to run with nothing else running:

wget http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com//precise/ubuntu-12.04.5-server-amd64.iso -O /dev/null

This should give you a feel for the upper limit of what you can expect.